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The power of innovation and creativity combined with excellence and a deep passion for work. A style made in Italy, by Antonio Lupi.

Introverso: The shape within the form. Thin strips of marble are formed, whose outer edges once broken, reveal the raw sculpture concealed inside. A soul that can remain hidden, leaving a glimpse of the subtle play of light, or it may be slowly unveiled by breaking the edges of the blades.

Lavandino: Minimal yet expressive. Thin as a sheet of paper, essential as a two-dimensional geometric shape, light but solid, seemingly suspended in the air but really well anchored to the wall. The simplicity of a folded sheet and the purity of stainless steel are the inspiration for Lavandino.

Azimut: A perfect cylinder, a showerhead that can rotate more than 180°. Azimut can be applied to the wall or ceiling depending on the needs and is able to orient the jet of water according to the physical characteristics of the user to ensure maximum relaxation. It is available in stainless steel and black derlin.

Shawa: Essential in shape but with a strong stage presence. Ideal for indoor or outdoor usage, the versatility of Shawa is determined by the possibility of using the showerhead directly to the wall as well as the freestanding version. The outdoor version can have the hand shower with two versions of waterfall ideal for poolside situations.

Mayday: Iconic in its style and fun. Inviting, attractive in giving a touch of colour to any shower space. Mayday is a remote wall mixer suitable for sink taps, showerheads or hand showers. The mixing of the water jet takes place by turning right or left, while pressing the button closes the jet.

You can always contact us or visit our showrooms in Limassol, Nicosia, or Larnaca for more information.

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