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TargetPro™ jets come from the desire to customize home hydromassage to the maximum: Adjustable and tilting in a specific way to optimize the effects of the hydrotherapeutic action, they release a perfect and constant mixture of air and water. Engineered with a design that enhances aesthetics, they stand out from any other type of jet for the great flexibility and high performance they guarantee.

Design with simple aesthetics, for maximum results: TargetPro™ jets have clean lines and a low external profile that give an aesthetic dynamism that fits perfectly with the design of each Jacuzzi® bathtub. The chromatic contrast gives modernity to the TargetPro™ jets, while the chromed profile emphasizes and embellishes the jet. The design of TargetPro™ jets also allows an inclination of the jet never seen before: thanks to their structure they are able to reach a large area of the body, intensifying the benefits of the hydromassage.

Advanced technology for personalised performance: Designed to offer an even more versatile hydromassage, TargetPro™ jets technology allows you to adjust the intensity of the jet with a simple nozzle rotation, guaranteeing the perfect and constant mixture of air and water, customisable and adaptable to every need and every body type. The mobility of TargetPro™ jets allows maximum positioning flexibility to optimize the effects of the hydrotherapeutic action. In addition, the self-draining complete closure system of the nozzles allows the use of the tub even without hydromassage, ensuring maximum hygiene.

The benefits of TargetPro™ jets: TargetPro™ jets were created based on the premise that everyone is different and each body is positioned in the tub in a different way. In order for hydromassage to be effective, deep and regenerating for everyone in the same way, it is necessary to be able to customize it in the smallest details: flow rate, intensity, direction, inclination and power. TargetPro™ jets respond perfectly to this need: totally adjustable, they increase the quality of hydrotherapy, making it even more effective and versatile.

Their targeted action is a benefit especially for the legs, one of the parts of the body most subjected to stress and fatigue, and for the areas of the flanks and hips that are often affected by the tension due to an incorrect posture or to many hours of sitting at work. Thanks to their inclination, the jets intensely stimulate the muscles of the lower part of the body, favoring in a very effective way blood return from the bottom upwards, reactivating the blood circulation and relieving fatigue.


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