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A hot tub is a wonderful oasis of relaxation in your own home. Even if you haven’t got the space for a pool, you can still fit a hot tub into the smallest of gardens. They’re a fantastic way to unwind and great for socialising too, and of course you can use them all year round, even in the height of winter.


Over the last few years there have been some major innovations in hot tubtechnology. As Internet connections have improved, our indoor devices have become smarter, and these cutting-edge technologies have now reached our outdoor spaces to bring us smart, connected hot tubs.


Control your hot tub with your smart phone

Now you can access a wide range of controls for your hot tub through an app on your smart phone. While this might be a fun and handy way to dim your lighting or raise the water temperature while you’re in the tub, where this functionality gets really interesting is when you understand the fact that you can remotely control your hot tub even when you’re not at home. So, for instance, you’re at work, the temperature has fallen, and you suddenly fancy a dip in the hot tub when you arrive home. You can simply access your hot tub app and turn up the temperature, so it will be perfect for you to step straight into when you get home. How luxurious!


Even more benefits

As well as being able to directly control your hot tub, you’ll also have access to even more useful features through your hot tub app. You’ll be able to keep an eye on energy usage, receive notifications of any issues such as a power outage, and you’ll be able to set reminders for regular maintenance, so you’ll never forget again.


The Jacuzzi J-500 – a ground-breaking connected hot tub


If you’re interested in a smart hot tub that’s packed full of innovative features, then do check out the J-500 from Jacuzzi. These stunning hot tubs add a touch of elegance to any surroundings, with stylish interior and exterior lighting, high quality hydro-massage jets, dual waterfalls and a beautiful curved design. It’s the most technically advanced hot tub that Jacuzzi has ever made, incorporating a glass touch screen control and smart phone integration.


All hot tubs are not made equal. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to unwind, with the greatest benefits, and the most high-tech features, you need the J-500. The new ProwerPro FX Directional Jetswill ease all your aches and pains. The interior multi-colour fibre optic lighting running around the inside of the tub will relax your mind, and you’ll find the open seating design ultimately comfortable so you can luxuriate as long as you wish.


For more information regarding the Jacuzzi J-500, visit this link or get in touch with EKA, the leading supplier of high quality hot tubs.

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