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Antonio Lupi creates bathroom furniture that is so much more. Each piece is carefully designed with imagination and style. While of course bathroom furniture must be practical, Antonio Lupi also ensure that each item is a work of art. With clever use of the latest technologies and materials to awe-inspiring ideas, each piece is tailor made. A method that this family business believes is far superior to mass production and enables the company to offer whatever customisation the customer should require or desire.


Not often are we blown away by the design of bathroom furniture, but that all changes when you see the Antonio Lupi designs. So innovative, futuristic and stylish, they’ll take your breath away. If you’re looking for something a little different for your bathroom, something rather out of the ordinary, then you do need to take a look at these amazing designs from Antonio Lupi…


The Soffio basin


Antonio Lupi is well known for creating stunning basins that work seamlessly with the surroundings. Soffiois the latest addition to the range, being inspired by a light gust of wind, the beautiful sleek lines of this basin make it look as if the basin itself is pouring from the wall, ideal for any size bathroom. It’s ultra modern, yet it certainly has a natural, organic feel to it too. Add optional LED lighting for another dimension to this unique basin.


The Intreccio basin


A sophisticated marble basin that’s certainly full of the fun factor, if you want to make your guests smile, then take a look at the free-standing Intreccio. The staggered geometric shape resembles a flower, bringing a little natural form into the bathroom. Advanced marble cutting techniques have been developed to make this product possible, creating this tall sink from a single block of marble, the perfect way to save wasting these precious resources. At just 55kg, this basin is also not as heavy as you may think.


The Ghost Shower


If you’re all about minimalism and sleek lines in your bathroom, then you’re going to adore Ghost. This shower is basically invisible. There is no visible shower head at all. Instead, the water appears to just pour from the ceiling above. The shower head fits seamlessly into the ceiling, perfectly flush, and once fitted it can be painted to create an even surface with the ceiling and walls of your bathroom.


Binario basins and storage


The geometric design of the NEW Binario basin unit is contemporary and highly functional with plenty of built in storage space to ensure your bathroom never appears cluttered and the unit is the focal point of the room. The unique pleated engraving on the front adds a three-dimensional texture.


Create your perfect stylish bathroom

With Antonio Lupi as your inspiration, designing your dream bathroom can be an enjoyable project.  There is much to consider though, function and practicality, the unique needs of you and your family, along with the looks, special features and creating an overall feeling of opulence and style. For a one-to-one discussion regarding your bathroom design, please visit EKA showrooms and we can also help you find the perfect Antonio Lupi products.

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