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When you’re choosing new fixtures and fittings for your home, it’s so important to make the right choice and that’s certainly a valid point when it comes to picking out a new washbasin. Of course, you’ll have certain requirements. You may need a washbasin that is a particular size or shape to fit the dimensions of the bathroom, or you may have a particular material or colour in mind. But you should also give some thought as to how much you love a certain design, how unique it is and what it says about you. Here at EKAwe realise that every person is an individual and every individual has unique tastes. That’s why we make sure we offer a wide range of truly special washbasins that are a little out of the ordinary, for our discerning customers who are anything but run of the mill. Here are four special Antonio Lupi washbasins that may just be the perfect basin you’ve been looking for…




Both soft and linear, this washbasin embodies a light breeze and integrates perfectly with the wall. At first glance the design is simple, then we begin to realise this is more complex, the more you gaze at it, the more you love the clever lines that make the sweeping design so appealing. Choose the optional LED lighting and you’ve got a stunning focal point for any bathroom.




Nature and technology combine to create this awe-inspiring basin that makes a huge impact. Hewn from natural marble, shaped by the milling machine, man conquers mineral. Controverso is a monolith dedicated to accomplishment. Both strong, yet delicate, this basin makes a statement wherever it is situated.




This free-standing marble washbasin takes the natural form of flowers in it’s stunning yet playful design. The concentric design technique makes great use of light and shadow, and also allows for minimal waste material making this a sustainable choice.




For seemingly infinite customisation, take a closer look at Albume. With a wide choice of colours and materials, you can choose contrasting or complimentary designs. For a futuristic feel or a retro vibe, there are so many options. Choose colours, choose bronze or brass, opt for glass, or decadent marble and so create a unique feature for your bathroom that is truly you.


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Only you can decide which of these basins would work best for you in your home. Visit our website to find out more about these unique pieces and pick out the washbasin that will become the talking point of your home.

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