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When you’re choosing new premises, you may have certain requirements that you’re looking for. Space, great lighting, a good location but did you give any thought to the sound-absorption of the office? Perhaps not, but it is incredibly important and here’s why…



Reasons why sound-absorption in an office is vital:

1. Peace creates productivity -Studies show that workers perform better without distracting noises.

2. High noise levels can cause mental health problems –It has been shown that working in a noisy environment can lead to anxiety and depression.

3. Privacy could be compromised –Without good sound-absorption, there is the risk of confidential conversations being overheard.



How to soundproof your offices

Some modern office blocks are now built with soundproofing in mind, but for most of us, there will be no integral sound-absorption within our work environment. But don’t worry, you can make some changes and add a few elements that will ensure that the sound in your office is absorbed.


Reducing interior noise


Most modern offices are open plan and this can cause some problems when it comes to noise. It can be hard concentrating when there’s a discussion going on in the next cubicle. There are plenty of ways to reduce internal noise in the office though. Fitting carpet will make a big difference. It absorbs noise and you won’t hear that constant click clack of shoes. Installing higher cubicle walls can help too, as can hanging acoustic panels on the wall or add sound-absorbing furniture all over the area.


Sound-absorb with style


Sound-absorption doesn’t have to be boring. EKA Group offers acoustic solutions that are innovative and stylish. The options are a lot and they are so versatile, offering privacy and sound-absorption features to the maximum, and used as decorative elements as well. Please check our range here.

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