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Have you ever looked at a pooland said: "How does that pool have such a wonderful blue colour?". There are many ways to achieve this exotic effect but it all boils down to one thing: the pool tiling. It is true that other factors play a role, such as sunlight, but the most important factor in changing the colour of your pool’s water belongs to the tiles of your pool. Here’s some advice on choosing the right tiles for changing your pool’s water based on your personal preferences.


Explore the colour spectrum

Before you start, you should think of the colour you’re after. Which colour sparks your imagination and excites you the most? There are many colour options available, so don’t hold back! But first, do you want a more traditional look, or a more exotic one? Whatever your preferences, keep in mind that although the colour of the pool tiles will have the biggest effect on the water’s colour, there are also cases when this is not true, mainly because of the huge fireball in the sky called the sun. Let’s see some examples to understand how this works.



We’re referring to blue as a colour category, as there many colour variations of blue. If you’re looking for a more translucent or crystalline effect, you should opt for a liner with a pale blue or white shade. To turn your water electric blue, choose a light grey-tinted liner. When there is not enough sunlight, the water will look dull, but when the sun comes out, it changes to electric blue. That is why, lighter shades, even total white ones, are preferred in countries like Cyprus where it’s sunny most of the summer.  Another thing you should have in mind is that the darker the shade, the deeper your pool will look.


Green-Blue, Turquoise and Azure



To make the pool’s water reminiscent of the Caribbean or other exotic destinations, choose tiles in beige or cream. These will reflect the light to give a gorgeous turquoise hue.





This colour choice might sound strange to some, but there are people out there who like to stand out of the norm. Black makes the transparency of the water go away, giving a reflective and mirror-like effect on your pool – surely a contemporary and unique option.





Opting for a more natural effect? Choose green-tinted tiles. To give the impression of natural dark green water, choose dark grey or anthracite.


Go from ordinary to extraordinary

As mentioned above, the colour of your pool tiles, in general, dictates that of the water, so the opportunities to stand out are endless. For example, go for a red for a more striking effect or give a playful tone with orange! The choice is yours! EKA Group offers pool tiles and mosaic tiles in a variety of shades and colours!


Unsure of which colour suits you best?

You have read our article but you’re still not sure which colour to go for? Our professional team will guide you through the process of selecting not only the right colour for your pool tiles, but also will give you valuable information on other matters relating to pool building and designing. Contact us now!

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