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We all know that first impressions really do count. So, when a client visits your premises for the first time, what do they see? Your business may be cutting edge, but if your offices have an old-fashioned, dated vibe, then it is really going to let you down. Your exterior is giving people an incorrect impression of you and your business before they have even met you.


While you can modernise the interior of your building with a vibrant colour scheme and trend-setting furniture, what can you do about the outside of the building? Adding a unique and contemporary facade is the answer. Transforming a dated building into something truly eye catching. Perfectly matching your own outstanding business.


A new facade can truly transform the aesthetics of a building or be used to compliment the original architecture. But facades can be about much more than simply changing the looks of a building…


Extra protection against the elements

A solid facade will give your building a good extra level of protection against wind and rain and can save you on repair costs in the long run. It is also a great way to limit the heat in a building, deflecting the heat and reducing your air conditioning costs.


Versatile for personalisation


So many office buildings look the same. They have been simply designed to keep down costs and often look identical to their neighbours. With a facade you can create a stunning work of art on the exterior of your building. Tailor made for you; no other building will look quite like it. Facades can be manoeuvred into any design you want. From a small statement decorative element to the entire building.


Easy to install and sustainable

As facade solutions usually consist of lightweight panels, they are easy to install. Choose a sustainable material and you know you are making the best choice with regards to sustainability.



Reduced energy bills

With clever use of facades, you can gain better control of the temperature of your building, and the light levels. This can certainly save your business money with lower bills for heating, cooling, and lighting.


Want to find out more?

Did you know that EKA Group offers a wide range of sustainable facade solutions in a variety of styles and materials? Visit the facade section of our website to discover more about your facade options and how you can transform a dull exterior into something that is truly special.

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