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There’s really no better place in the world to spend time in a pool than Cyprus. With year-round sunshine, it is so wonderful to be able to take a dip whenever you want to. Any property development will benefit from a shared pool, giving all the residents the chance to enjoy all that a pool brings. A pool certainly makes a development highly attractive and it adds to the value too, making it a great investment. A beautiful pool makes a statement that even the most gorgeous landscaped gardens cannot make.


So why is a pool such a good investment?

Well of course it makes your properties more attractive than those without a pool. Many people are prepared to pay a premium for a property that offers access to a shared pool. This is particularly true in Cyprus when residents can take advantage of the pool all year round, it is not just a seasonal activity. So, a pool can bring you a greater rental yield or sale price. In addition, if you are renting out the properties, if you do eventually come to sell the development, you can expect an extra 10 to 30 percent on the value, purely because the property has a pool. So, you see, a pool more than pays for itself.


There are many other benefits too

The residents in your development are going to reap the benefits of a pool. Pools are of course great for exercise and being in the water is also a great stress reliever, creating a feeling of harmony that will envelop your development. Swimming is also so inclusive, everyone can enjoy being in or around the pool, so whether you have young families or older residents within your development, everyone is going to be able to make the most of a pool. Just seeing a pool makes people happy. They can picture the fun times they will have in the pool, it embodies a certain lifestyle, and that is why a pool will ensure your properties rent or sell fast. A pool is fun, it is a status symbol, it is perfect for spending time with friends and family and it is great for health too. A pool puts your development head and shoulders above its neighbours.


Ensure you have a high-quality pool

To make the most of your pool, you need a pool that is made from the highest quality materials and built by experienced professionals. Make the right choices now and you will have a pool that looks amazing, is low maintenance and is not going to need too many repairs over the years. EKA Group specialises in building all types of swimming pools. Get in touch with us for details of how we can help you and browse images of past projects to inspire you.

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