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The working environment is so important. Most of us spend more of our waking hours in the office than we do in our own homes. We put so much effort into making our homes beautiful, practical, and comfortable places to spend our time, but office spaces are often so neglected. By creating offices that are smart and sustainable, you are making a place that people will want to be in. They will feel happier in their work, they’ll be more relaxed, and more keen to spend time on the premises. Any smart and sustainable workspace has certain requirements that need to be met…


It must be comfortable


A comfortable office is ideal for body and mind. Attention to detail with the furnishings can create a relaxing environment that supports both concentration and creativity. Comfortable seating is an absolute must. Invest in the best chairs for your workers and you are investing in their health. Back pain is a major cause of absenteeism and so your staff will certainly be healthier and more productive with a chair such as the Series 2 chair. This stylish chair can be customised to suit your décor, and it utilises Air LiveBack Technology. Flexing in two dimensions as you move, it offers the ultimate support for the spine. Collaboration space is also important, and staff will be more engaged if their seating area is comfortable. Take a look at the Lagunitas range of seating, so versatile, it can be made private or open-plan to suit your requirements. It is easily reconfigurable so can be changed about from meeting to meeting to accommodate any group.


It must have good soundproofing


Many office buildings have very poor soundproofing. Open plan offices are great for collaborative work, but sounds carry and it can be hard to concentrate or to have a private conversation. Truchet acoustic tiles are a great solution as they are so versatile. You can use them in any office space as they can be wall mounted or can hang from the ceiling both horizontally or vertically and still offer highly effective sound absorption properties. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, you will not have to compromise on the design scheme of your offices to incorporate Truchet into your workplace.


It should embrace natural elements


The natural world is a source of inspiration when it comes to interior design. Bringing nature into the office space creates a feeling of tranquillity and peace. Studies show that plants in the workplace help create a more positive and healthy atmosphere, so how about a stunning Mosswall? A highly innovative vertical gardening system that literally needs no maintenance at all. It is fire resistant and doubles as sound proofing. Available in a wide selection of colourways you can design your MOSSwall to suit your own design scheme.


It needs to be high tech


Making the most of the available technology can help your working life be more efficient. Check out new devices on the market such as the Dash task light. A wireless LED light offering 360° head and lower arm rotation, or the innovative Room Wizard web-based room scheduling system.


 Discover all you need for the ideal smart and sustainable office

To upgrade your premises and create the perfect smart, sustainable workplace, visit EKA Group. With a large range of office products, carefully selected for their high quality and performance, EKA Group is available to answer any questions you may have and help you with making the perfect choices for your offices.

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