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A sun that shines!

Water and colour, well-beign and relaxation for body and mind. A sun that shines, a light that attracts and catches the eye, a satellite that orbits in space.

Lumen is the overhead shower characterized by a coloured central nucleus around which nozzles are arranged. All hosted by a hemispherical shell from which a special jet of water converges towards the center, as if attracted by a "magnetic field" but actually directed from the orientation of the jet.

Lumen guarantees a central relaxation by combining water with the effects of chromo-therapy. The image of the overhead shower in function gives the bathroom a sophisticated elegance and an aura of magic. When lit, it becomes the fulcrum of space, when off, dissapears from sight. It's perfect geometry draws a thin ring, a circle in the ceiling in which a heart of light pulsates.