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The elegance of an indication that refers to one of the most well-known phenomena of nature, the technological excellence that allows us to perfectly reproduce the image, the creative thought of the man who takes the essence and proposes it in a new alienating way, overturning the perception. Raindrop is all this, it is a showerhead integrated in the ceiling that reproduces the image of the effect generated by a drop of rain that hits the surface of the water. The delicate concentric circles that evolve with less intensity while moving away from the center, portray a sophisticated sign on the ceiling, a natural decoration that wraps and protects the built-in showerhead.

Perfect in its absolute cleanliness, Raindrop is made of Flumood and can be perfectly integrated in the ceiling to which it gives an unexpected three-dimensionality, identifying, or better enhancing, the shower and wellness area. With Raindrop, antoniolupi continues on the path of researching integrated ceiling showerhead systems in which the technological component is hidden and the showerhead is in fact drowned perfectly in the false ceiling. Solutions in which attention to detail is even more important, proposals that best express the tailoring of antoniolupi and the constant search for an exclusive bathroom environment.

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  • Bianco

  • Satin Stainless Steel