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Medameda, designed for four hands by Alberto and Francesco Meda, is reassuring and composed collection.

“We try to come up with objects with simple, unified style; objects that aren't too loud” - stated the designers – “We avoid formal extravagance in favour of special attention to effective relationships between the different components of the items and then between the items and those who use them."

This has given rise to an object with organic, flowing lines, never over designed, a piece that owes its universal appeal also to the interaction between the two generations of designers, father and son, that created it.

The value of this partnership becomes symbolic, evoking the heritage of a company with a great family tradition, in which the designers have found an ideal counterpart in terms of design sensibility and readiness and technical ability to accept and develop the project.

Medameda’s organic character appears to be the natural result of these synergies, translating into an efficient, long-lasting, reliable collection.