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With attractive designs, sophisticated techniques and constant high quality made in Germany, facade ceramics from Agrob Buchtal has built up an excellent reputation in contemporary architecture. Demanding projects all over the world are realized with the proven products of the manufacturer rich in tradition, which besides an attractive look and efficient processing also guarantee uncompromising safety. Thus, a unique wealth of experiences has developed in the course of the years, which forms the sound basis for innovations in line with the market. The development work focuses on new, particularly efficient installation methods which result in a considerable saving of time and thus in a reduction of costs.

Distinctive shell withstands time and weather:
As a building material which has proven its worth for thousands of years, ceramic also has ideal properties for the facade. It is non-flammable, resistant to chemicals, light-fast, and impervious to pressure, impact and scratches. It is also biologically safe. It scores with its unlimited life cycle and can be recycled in full.

The possibilities of design arise by combining colors, surfaces, formats and shapes in every conceivable constellation: strong and vivid colors or monochrome and subtle. Glazed, unglazed, matt or glossy surfaces. Large-format panels, slim strip formats or mosaics for organic patterns. Three-dimensional shapes, baguettes or tubes.

Facade Product Types:
- KeraTwin
- KeraShape
- KerAion
- KeraJoin
- KeraYou