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Allura Flex

Forbo Allura Flex LVT solves many of today's challenges through it's tackified installation. These high quality, dimensionally stable tiles provide answers to key issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-use of floors and minimizing environmental impact. Allura Flex offers a selection of natural wood designs, Allura Flex Wood, and a range of robust concretes and modern stones: Allura Flex Material.

Allura Flex are high quality, dimensionally stable, heterogeneous loose lay tiles and planks which are adhered with tackifier. Trough their tackified installation they solve many of today's and tomorrow's challenges by providing answers to issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-use of floors and minimizing environmental impacts.

Allura Flex is made with passion for design, quality and easy use.

Passion for Design:
- The 50 item range offers the most realistic Wood and Material designs, all exclusive for Forbo
- The choice of sizes, including XL options and the Hungarian Point shape, offers endless possibilities to create your own unique flooring concept
- Allura Flex LVT can be installed alongside our Tessera and Flotex planks and tile ranges using the same tackifier and without the need for transition strips enabling integrated floor designs.

Passion for Quality:
- Allura Flex is a very stable floor covering thanks to its functional layers that are all centered around a very strong glass fleece carrier
- The 1 mm wear layer option offers the best possible specification in the market for strong and durable loose lay tiles
- The special backing construction offers extra comfort and improved impact sound reduction

Passion for easy use & the environment:
- Easy and quick installation, needing only tackifier to install the tiles for a long lasting performance
- 100% phtalate free, very low indoor emission and produced with 100% renewable electricity.
- At least 25% controlled recycled content in the backing; minimizing the impact on the environment .