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Colorex flooring is specially designed for ESD flooring, Cleanrooms and Pharma, Operating theaters, Industry and Data centers.

Colorex offers:
- A floor covering that exceeds all ESD and cleanroom standards
- A technology that assures a permanently conductive floor covering guaranteeing optimal performance throughout its life
- The highest hygienic properties, high density and pore free
- High dimensional stability
- The advantages of low plasticiser content, resulting in an extreme low emission
- Full repairability and stain removal
- Resistance to heavy load

The Colorex System: Choose here the level of conductivity that fits best in your application. Colorex flooring can be used everywhere. It can be installed by directly glueing it on concrete, on top of a raised floor panel or as a loose lay tile system. All versions come in 2 levels of conductivity: EC High Performance and SD Performance. The loose lay version additionally has an anti static (Basic plus) and slip resistant (R11 plus) version to complete the high tech solutions offer.

High performance: With Colorex EC and Colorex EC Plus static charges flow easily through the dense network of tiny conductive veins in the whole thickness of the tile. These are collected by the conductive adhesive and securely discharged to earth via the copper strip. It’s a completely natural system that needs no volatile, chemical anti-static additives to aid conductivity. The conductivity is completely independent from moisture in the air.

Performance: Colorex SD flooring enables safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile. The conductive coating forms a dense network of tiny black veins.

Standard: Colorex Basic plus is a loose lay floor system with Colorex on top with limited conductive properties. This ranges provides all the benefits of Colorex like high density, easy repair and stain resistance with the benefit of a heavy duty loose lay tile.

Color Options

  • Adula

  • Amazonas

  • Assuan

  • Atlantic

  • Azzuro

  • Cobalt

  • Etna

  • Everest

  • Fuego

  • Granite

  • Ivory

  • Jade

  • Kilimanjaro

  • Kiwi

  • Lux

  • Montblanc

  • Moonstone

  • Musk

  • Niagara

  • Oasis

  • Pacific

  • Plus

  • Quartz

  • Sahara

  • Sole

  • Twilight