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Sarlon-Modul 'up

Diversity, better together!

The criteria for decision making in projects are diverse, but in all cases the very best is expected for the performance of the floor. The Sarlon and Modul'up collection offers the most comprehensive and qualitative answer to your needs.

Forbo Flooring proudly presents one concept with an unprecedented diversity of floor coverings. Acoustic, compact, glued or fully loose lay. Everything is covered in this concept. And looking at the designs, it is hard to imagine a concept with more diversity in patterns. All elements in this collection sparkle in their individual diversity and quality, but we also found ways to create connections and commonality.

Forbo Flooring produces a wide variety of floors, designed by a large team of designers from around the globe. They all work according to similar design principles. They all work together to create a global colour card, based on the latest trends and projections for the future. This means that different floor coverings can compliment each other and when different functionalities are required for a project it is always possible to combine different Forbo Flooring products. When there is a need they do work better together.

For this collection we have taken the concept a step further. All individual designs and colours have their own story and strength, suitable for use in a huge variety of applications. But this range was build in a constellation that is not just offering these individual “stars”, but also show very strong links between the elements to create a full concept.

Because, as you know, if something is done well the end result is bigger than just the sum of individual parts. And this is what we show: we are better together.