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Forbo Flooring is a global manufacturer of high quality residential and commercial floor coverings.

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury, our Westbond fusion bonded carpet tiles offer unrivalled quality and colour choice with no minimum order quantity.

The Westbond brand and tile range is synonymous with total flexibility and sophistication. Blending yarns to order and manufacturing premium quality fusion bonded tiles in an almost infinite number of colourways with no minimum order quantity, Westbond allows customers to take control of the process of designing luxurious, bespoke carpet tiles with exceptionally heavy pile weights for the most prestigious installations. Westbond Natural is a unique collection containing pure and natural undyed wool, a perfect answer to today’s ecological concerns.

• The backing in Westbond carpet tiles contains at least 70% recycled content
• 100% of Westbond polyamide carpet trim is recycled in the UK
• Our Westbond Natural range is made from the undyed wool of seven different UK sheep breeds