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New partitions which maintain the high technical, functional performance levels of all our systems, while adding transparency, flatness and luminosity.

The great advantage of the M82/M92 Crystal system over the other members of our partition range is its transparency, thanks to high-impact, transparent Polymethyl methacrylate PMMA elements and the generous glazed areas which the system caters for. It is also able to adapt to a wide range of layouts with the possibility of blind areas in different materials and surface finishes, and glazed and blind doors.

The main advantage of the new M82/M92 Crystal partition over other glazed partitions lies in its rigidity, provided by well-secured, thick panes. Other advantages include its flexibility of use: partition by elements, totally demountable and reusable; its mechanical resistance: demonstrated through studies with universities and following the recommendations of and information provided by our glass and acoustic insulation manufacturers: in blind areas; in glazed areas. Finally, it allows for total integration with our other systems.