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Alberto Apostoli: XYZ+ is a union of three wishes flexibility, freedom and purity that combine to create ultimate well-being. This is a product that embodies the purest of forms offering morning showers for a chance to reconnect, evening showers to relieve the stresses of your day and late-night showers for peaceful contemplation.

The new Jacuzzi® shower system designed to fit every space:
A dynamic set of points, lines and polygons that run along the+ Cartesian axes, changing shape and size: xyz+, the tailor-made wellness solution meets all needs, functions and styles. Thanks to xyz+ you can choose a unique shower and discover the right formula to find their own “wellness coordinates”.

Space is the new dimension of wellness:
XYZ+ redefines the coordinates of wellness, drawing inspiration from the surrounding space and shaping its potential to fit harmoniously and provide precious freedom.
Freedom to choose colours and materials, of how and where to place the elements. Freedom to design a real wellness area in your own bathroom both at home or in a commercial setting, to create a shower space starting from your vision instead of your needs.

Jacuzzi® design and quality:
Style and elegance, premium materials, streamline and essential lines, minimalist shapes and new functions finally come together in a versatile Jacuzzi® shower space concept created in collaboration with Alberto Apostoli. A solution that is materially substantial yet conceptually flexible, one that adapts to spaces and ideas, ushering the most authentic and genuine essence of what a bathroom really should be to everyone’s homes.

Wellness without boundaries:
xyz+ grants everyone the magic of water, effectively responding to the needs of the whole family, of those who enjoy playing sports or more simply seek relaxation in its purest form, regardless of age. The bathroom opens its doors to a new, versatile, functional concept, which can be easily brought into fruition in a blank canvas space open to your imagination both at home and a commercial setting a commercial setting.