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Bolgheri is the name of the new sink that shapes flavors and colours!

Bolgheri - an enchanting village in the Maremma - is the name of the new freestanding sink created by Gumdesign which gives shape to the flavors and colors of the Tuscan tradition. The new colors of Cristalmood make up the second paragraph of this chapter. For this new series, the designers drew inspiration from the colors of this land: the leaves and fruits of the olive trees, the reddish brown color of grapes and wine, the deep blue color of the sea. Gran Cru, Oleo and Ceruleo are therefore the new colors, rich shades just like in nature.

Sculptural furniture in essential geometric shapes: Bolgheri was born from the combination of two materials, a natural cork base and a Cristalmood sink, it stands out because the combinations are unexpected, but above all the contrasts between materials, textures and shades.

The perfect combination of nature and object: Cork is a natural element, flame retardant and elastic that doesn’t fear humidity, while Cristalmood is a resistant, colored, transparent resin. The base of the sink is available also in the version roasted cork, with a coffee effect.