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Cementing a New Style: The new smooth concrete collection in porcelain stoneware.

The power of concrete lies in the fact that it is a neutral, exceptionally versatile furnishing material, and in its ability to embody the whole material identity of the ceramic product, transforming it into a container able to bring out the very best in all types of finishes and furnishing elements. Mirage has fully exploited this characteristic feature of spattled cement, coming up with a light, delicate collection with clean-cut, yet profound textures reminiscent of the material in its most typically original guise, enhanced by a careful selection of subtle details.

Six neutral shades, ranging from white to anthracite, as well as a series of cold and warm grey nuances that combine attractively both with each other and with the materials featured in other Mirage collections to highlight the variety of furnishing and design solutions available.

  • Sizes: Natural: 15 x 60 | 30 x 60 | 30 x 30 | 60 x 60 | 90 x 90 | 60 x 120 | 120 x 120 | 120 x 240 | 160 x 160 | 160 x 320
  • Finishes: Natural | Structured | Structured 20mm
Color Options

  • Clear GC01

  • Perfect GC02

  • Ideal GC03

  • Type GC04

  • Classic GC05

  • Absolute GC06

  • Sugar GC07

  • Chamois GC08

  • Toffe GC09

  • Iron GC20

  • Corten GC21