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Sheet metal and metals aged and scratched by the passage of time; colour contrasts between the original gleam of the metal and the opaque marks typical of oxidisation.

Lemmy captures the most intimate emotion of metal at its most natural and authentic: neutral shades ranging from white through to grey and beige team beautifully with coral, petrol blue and green to bring an elegant, unconventional touch.

In 5 natural colours and 3 contemporary shades, the hallmark of the collection is its urban chic style in which metropolitan and industrial atmospheres take on a warm, colourful, inviting connotation.

  • Sizes: 15 x 60 | 30 x 60 | 60 x 60 | 60 x 120 | 120 x 120 | 120 x 278
  • Finishes: Natural
Color Options

  • Palladium LY01

  • Nimbus LY02

  • Excalibur LY03

  • Venom LY04

  • Afterglow LY05

  • Viridium LY06

  • Indio LY07

  • Pumpkin LY08

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