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A completely renewed Premium series.Major renewals and improvements in the J300 collection. The line boasts a more modern and functional design and new jets across all models which enhance and improve the performance of the hydromassage. The aesthetics are charmingly enhanced thanks to new colours, while the controls become even simpler and more straightforward to manage thanks to a new control system.

The new Power Pro Therapy Seats. It is hard to improve upon perfection, but Jacuzzi® has managed it with the new seats of the J300 spa baths. Thanks to the positioning and power of the jets, they offer an even more effective hydromassage at the key nerve centres of the back and lumbar region. As well as enhancing its performance, Jacuzzi® has positioned a higher number of jets, especially in the lounge seats: from the neck to the shoulders, legs and feet, every area of the body is stimulated and massaged in-depth by a rotating and targeted jet which relieves tension, generating wellness.

Introducing the new exclusive Jacuzzi® SmartTub™ System, engineered to maximize your relaxation, recovery and performance potential. From an app on your smartphone, you can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership, making it easier than ever to use and maintain your hot tub.

SmartTub™ Features:
- Stable, secure, cellular connection
- Easy setup, no WiFi credential needed
- Updates made seamlessly over the air
- System learns based on use
- Includes 1 year data plan, $36/yr after*
- Remote monitoring and alerts
- Reminders
- Power outage notification
- Energy usage estimator* *
- Personalized use and care content
- Compatible with Android, iOs, Alexa, iPad, Apple Watch and Google Assistant

SmartTub™ system uses cellular-based communication and requires cell service from our provider partner in your area.

  • J-315 Dimensions: 193 x 168 x 81cm
  • J-325 Dimensions: 213 x 193 x 86cm
  • J-335 Dimensions: 213 x 213 x 91cm
  • J-345 Dimensions: 213 x 213 x 91cm
  • J-355 Dimensions: 213 x 231 x 97cm
  • J-365 Dimensions: 213 x 231 x 97cm
  • J-375 Dimensions: 231 x 231 x 96cm
  • J-385 Dimensions: 231 x 231 x 96cm