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Sit in a J-400 hot tub and you’ll feel extra special in minutes, as these are best hot tubs to look after you and your body. Ideal for indoor installation or in the garden every one of the hot tubs in the J-400 hot tub range will treat you with a relaxing massage that delivers advanced hydrotherapy to every part of your body.

With capacities of up to 9 people the J-400 range offers the best hot tubs for socializing, so impress your friends and invite them to try out your Jacuzzi® experience – there is no other hot tub experience like it.

  • J-415: 168 x 193 x 81cm (3 people)
  • J-465: 224 x 224 x 109cm (6 people)
  • J-480: 239 x 239 x 112cm (6 people)
  • J-495: 239 x 239 x 112cm (8-9 people)

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