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Sun Meadow®

Soothing sunshine in the comfort of your own home!

Early civilised cultures regarded the sun as a deity:
Hardly surprising – when you consider just how good warmth and sunlight can make us feel. When the sun shines, we feel more vibrant, relaxed and happy. Enjoy the positive effects of the sun in the comfort of your own home – with KLAFS SUN MEADOW®.

- Enjoy the healthful benefits of warmth and sunlight in the comfort of your own home.
- SUN MEADOW® U gives you a natural, long-lasting tan and stimulates your body’s production of vitamin D.
- SUN MEADOW® K radiates soothing warmth to help skin regenerate and look firm and smooth.
- Elegant, slim-line design in silver-grey or snow metallic.
- The ideal addition to your KLAFS relaxation room.