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Panto has been designing and manufacturing bespoke doors and windows for three generations: a team of motivated individuals, always attuned to the needs of customers and keen to convey all the awesomeness of the PANTO world through their work. Drawing on more than 100 years of experience, the company delivers the highest standard of quality along with all the benefits only a major company can offer.

PANTO FINESTRE S.r.l. was established to harness the legacy of the whole PANTO world, bolstered by experience spanning three generations of entrepreneurs and skilled workers, in the design of doors and windows tailored to the requirements of customers at home and abroad. PANTO designs and produces laminated timber door and window systems, which also come with the option of aluminium, bronze, brass or steel cladding. The whole manufacturing process is carried out in-house. By selecting superior materials and paying careful attention to detail at every stage of the process - from design to manufacture all the way through to installation - we can promise you the highest standards of quality. With a wealth of expertise and the latest technological tools at its disposal, our Technical Department can interface with a well-oiled manufacturing machine that demonstrates flexibility and agility at every stage of the process. The team is skilled in reconciling structural requirements with innovative design concepts, while bearing in mind the demands of today's increasingly environmentally aware society for energy conservation and the reuse of materials from recyclable sources.