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A steam shower is relaxing, it’s a lovely way to unwind after a workout, but it’s also highly beneficial for your health. When you discover all the benefits of a steam shower, it’s certainly something you should consider for your own home…

It helps you recover after exercise

After you’ve had a workout at the gym, or a vigorous swim in the pool, the steam room will help you feel less tired and will ease any muscle aches or soreness.

It’s great for your skin

Steam is a natural moisturiser. The heat will open your pores, allowing the absorption of oxygen, along with important vitamins and minerals. When your pores are open, your skin can breathe so you will cool down easily.

Lowering stress levels

Stress is a huge problem in our modern world and can severely impact our health. Time spent relaxing in a steam shower will reduce your stress levels and calm your mind.

It gives your circulation a boost

The heat of the steam shower widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow throughout the body. If you suffer from bad circulation, this will be very good for you.

Banish the common cold

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of a cold, it can be really unpleasant. Blocked sinuses and a bunged up nose leave us feeling truly miserable. Spend time in a steam shower and the mucus will loosen allowing you to breathe more easily. Your sinuses will ease and your chest will decongest. Breathe the warm steam air in deeply, it’s so good for you.

It alleviates stiffness

If you suffer from stiff joints, perhaps first thing in the morning after a night in bed, a session in the steam room will relieve the tension in your joints and help you muscles relax. It really sets you up for the day.

The perfect detox

When you sweat in the steam room, your body is ridding itself of harmful toxins that can build up and make us ill. Detoxifying our bodies helps to keep us healthy and also gives up more energy and vitality.

It can help your weight loss journey

Your metabolic rate rises when you spend time in a steam shower. This can help you to burn more calories, so it’s the perfect addition to your diet and exercise regime.

Benefits for your cardiovascular system

Steam is also good for increasing your heart rate and opening up your airways giving your entire cardiovascular system a boost.

Find your perfect steam shower

We have a wide variety of steam showers available, discover the range here and find out how you can easily incorporate the benefits of a steam shower into your own home.

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