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Building on family moments

The first people to know you are your family. They give you unconditional love and a place to belong. Here at EKA we believe that family is above all. Having a strong, healthy, and loving family is fundamental.

Family is about building memories that last a lifetime, being there for one another and sharing these experiences in a beautiful place that you get to call home. We believe that every person should have the life they deserve and we provide a large variety of options to our clients to build their dream houses.

As a market leader we work in the construction sector by providing building materials and systems.

The Group

EKA Group is a multi-business organization operating in the building materials and systems markets of the construction sector. It was formed in 1946 in Limassol Cyprus by Michael Th. Loizides and other prominent businessmen of the time. Today, 73 years and 4 generations later, EKA Group continues to be a family business that keeps growing not only in a domestic base, but also in Greece, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

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