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Whenever we’re asked if a pool cover is necessary, we always recommended that you do use a cover for your pool when it’s not in use over the winter months. Of course you don’t have to use one, and you may think you’ll save money and not bother with a cover, but without a cover you’re setting yourself up for some potentially big problems that could cost you both time and money, so to our mind, investing in a pool cover is always worth it.


Keeping the dirt and bacteria at bay

A pool cover is the perfect barrier between your precious pool and a whole host of dirt and debris. With the filter turned off for the winter, nothing that falls into the pool is going to be removed from it. Over the course of a few weeks, that build up of twigs, leaves, dust, dirt and rubbish is going to accumulate and your pool is going to look very unsightly. No one wants to spend all winter cleaning  debris out of their pool, nor do you really want to employ someone all year round to clean a pool that you’re not even using.


But in addition to the aesthetic issues, you’ve also got the problem of there being no chemicals being added to it while it’s not in use, making it a fabulous breeding ground for algae and bacteria and even insects. At best, this will make getting your pool ready for use in the spring a time consuming chore as it will be very dirty and stained green with algae, at worst you could find your pool liner and filtration system have been damaged and you’ve got an insect infestation to deal with.


The year round benefits of a swimming pool cover


While a pool cover is certainly highly beneficial when your poolis shut down over the winter months, there are many more benefits that you can also appreciate all year round. When your pool is covered between uses, the sunlight is not hitting the water, so you’ll have far less algae growth. It will also help to maintain the temperature of the water and so reduces your heating costs. Water also evaporates much less quickly. In addition, a pool cover works as a very good safety feature, particularly if you have young children or pets, or visitors who bring their kids around. A good pool cover will support the weight of an adult, and so if a child or an animal should enter the pool area unnoticed, there is no chance of them accidentally falling into the pool. This peace of mind that everyone is safe is invaluable. Finally, covering your pool protects all the components of the pool, and so it will increase the life of your pool.


A pool cover makes perfect sense

So you see, there are so many reasons why you should have a cover for your pool, and in the long run, the cover will pay for itself by saving you money on pool maintenance and heating costs.


Find the perfect pool cover for you

If you’d like to install a pool coverand are looking for some advice on which cover would be best suited to your pool please get in touch with EKA, we’re always happy to help!

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