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Your own private sauna is a wonderful place to spend time with your beloved, especially on Valentine’s Day! A sauna offers a lot of health benefits, but it also brings with it some magical opportunities to be close to your partner, enjoying that quality time together. Whether you’re relaxing and de-stressing after a long day at work, or cleansing your body and mind in the morning after a late night, it’s a truly great experience, and when you have a private sauna in your own home you have immediate access to your sauna, and you don’t have to share it with strangers, only your loved one!


KLAFS stands for ultimate quality

We recommend KLAFS saunas for several reasons. First and foremost is the quality. Carefully designed and built with care to the very highest specifications, KLAFS saunas are simply perfect, down to the very last detail. In addition, KLAFS have created a range of saunas that look amazing, and you’ll certainly find one that will suit your own home. We’re also impressed with KLAFS green credentials. They care about the environment and do all they can to ensure their saunas are manufactured in a responsible manner from sustainable materials. This is an issue we hold close to our own hearts, and we know our customers do too.


Sauna S1


If you’ve always fancied a sauna but thought you simply didn’t have the space for it, then you may be able to think again when you discover Sauna S1. This is the world’s first retractable sauna. When not in use, it takes up just the same space as a closet would, at a depth of just 60cm. Then at the press of a button, it expands out like a camera zoom lens, to become a full size 1.60m sauna! Amazingly clever, and so functional, this is going to revolutionise home saunas.


Pure Sauna


Designed for luxury, this sauna is beautiful with all-glass doors enhancing the view of the high-gloss interior panels. The glass doors give a more open feel to the sauna than many traditional saunas that can sometimes feel a little enclosed. The PURE Sauna is the winner of the iG product design award.


Lounge Q


Packed with extravagant details, this spacious sauna fits neatly into a corner and is incredibly visually appealing. The perfect symmetry and the hidden heater add to the aesthetics of this gorgeous sauna.


Matteo Thun


Utilising warm, natural materials, the wooden strips and joints of the Matteo Thun sauna creates a look of the outdoors as the light and shadow play off the wooden slats. Perfect for privacy, the design allows light in, but from outside you cannot see into the sauna. A cosy haven, perfect for romance.


Find your perfect KLAFS sauna

To find out more about any of these amazing saunas, please visit our website or get in touch. We’re always happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding installing a sauna in your home.

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