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What makes an office a place of productivity and hard work? Surely, it must be the people working in it, isn’t it? True, the people do play the most important role; however, the surroundings in which they are asked to work are a determining factor for their levels of productivity. Acknowledging the importance of having a favourable working environment, we present you with a list of tips on how to tailor your workspace to improve employee productivity.


Add plants and natural elements


Based on research, natural elements, such as plants, help reduce stress and improve productivity. In addition to making us feel good, plants also improve the quality of the air at the office.


To incorporate a special touch of nature into your office, EKA suggests Mosswall: a vertical garden solution, made of natural lichen that needs little to no maintenance. 


Let natural light in

Another way of giving your workspace a more natural feel is by letting in natural light. It has been found that the light coming from the sun increases our vitamin D dose and helps regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms (sleep-wake schedules).


Provide the right tools and equipment

Having the right tools and equipment is also important for increasing employee productivity. This could mean having the latest technological tools to speed up processes or the right office furniture.


If you’re interested in innovative office solutions, click on the ‘Products’ tab and then on ‘Office Solutions’, where you can find a plethora of office solutions aiming at improving productivity and facilitating high-tech use.


Avoid distractions


Distractions hinder productivity as they reduce concentration. The most common distraction is without a doubt noise. Noise at the office negatively affects employees and can even increase stress. Eliminating noise at the office is by no means unachievable. Acoustic solutions, such as the ones provided by EKA, are one of the best ways to reduce noise levels and add to the aesthetic appeal of your space. To explore them click here.


Create a happy environment

The most important factor for boosting productivity is related to psychology. Create as many opportunities as you can for fun and pleasure at the office. These could be special activities or even a playroom. This will not only bond the team but will make the employees happy and therefore more productive.


Creating a happy and productive environment is what we also strive to do here at EKA Group by providing companies and individuals with smart office solutions. We remain at your service to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of building and renovating your spaces.  

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