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As the summer period draws nears, we can’t help but wonder: How do we effectively prepare our pool for the hottest season of the month? Are there any steps to follow to have our pool all set as soon as the temperature hits that 30 degrees benchmark? Well, of course there are, so without further ado here are the ways to successfully prepare your pool for the summer.


1. It’s all about the chemistry

The first step to prepping your pool involves adding chemicals to your pool to clean it properly. If your pool isn’t very clean or you haven’t been very scholastic with pool maintenance, we recommend giving your pool a shock with a heavy dose of chlorine. After that, an algaecide and a stabiliser will do just fine.


2. Time for some hard work

For the second step, use a scoop to remove all the debris floating on the surface. After that, use the brush to scrub the sides and the bottom of your pool. Make sure your brush regularly to remove dirt and keep the pool surface clean.  As soon as you’re finished, vacuum the pool to finish the cleaning process.


3. Check the heart of your pool

If you’re wondering which one that is, it’s the pool pump. For the pool to be in a pristine condition, you have to make sure your pump works properly, and if it needs maintenance. To check that, have your pump working. If the pressure on the sand filter is high, but the water flow coming out of the jets is low, then you need to bring in the pros to have it fixed. Lastly, If the salt chlorinator is covered in white scale, clean it in a hydrochloric acid mix.


4. Don’t forget the skimmer box

The purpose of the skimmer box is as important as the other parts of your pool as it collects floating debris and connects to your pool hose. Make sure that you empty it out regularly to let water run freely.


5. Put your pool to the test

Now that you have cleaned the pool, it’s time to check some important levels such as the alkalinity, the pH and the chlorine levels. There are many testing kits available in the market which you can use, and all of them do an equally good job, so it’s up to you to decide. Just make sure that before using them, you have read the instructions properly and that you have backwashed the filter. If you want to skip this process altogether you can get the professionals to do it.


6. How salty is your pool?

This step applies only to those who have a pool with saltwater. To check the salt level of your pool, you need a special testing strip which tells you exactly how much salt there is in you pool. Adjust according to the results and the size of your pool.


So, there you have it: the 6 steps that you need to take to make sure your pool is ready for you to enjoy during those lazy summer days. If you still need more information regarding your pool, EKA Group and its experienced team are at your service to provide it to you.


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