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A rigorous perimeter that defines a surface, a frame that enhances an image, a sign that expresses man's creative rigor and increases the sense of measure, the value of proportions, the intrinsic beauty of balance. A marked, decisive, absolute profile is the distinctive feature of the BEMADE collection designed by Carlo Colombo. A graphic sign that becomes a distinctive feature of the project to maintain a style, to draw a domestic landscape made of full and empty spaces, of refined chromatic combinations, of reflections and plays of lights and shadows.

The Bemade collection is the coherent evolution of Bespoke, one of antoniolupi's bestsellers, from which it inherits the purity of form and compositional flexibility while respecting a rigorous and essential sign. The evolution lies precisely in the concept of the frame but also in the possibility of offering even greater possibilities for customizing the volumes to give identity to the space, to dialogue with the architectural elements that characterize the bathroom environment and not only.

The finishes of the aluminum frame already available in the Bespoke program (bronze, titanium, zirconium and champagne) are now joined by matt black, matt white and all the lacquered colors of our collection. These selections match the trends of contemporary interior and dialogue with the matt finishes of other metal elements or ceramic volumes. The wide range of glass fronts (natural silver/ fumè and bronze silver / reflective / acid etched fumè or bronze glass /clear fumè or bronze /clear ribbed or back-lacquered in all the colors of our collection) as well as the wooden finishes and the addition of open compartments that expand the way the series is used to embrace the living environment and bring the unmistakable style of antoniolupi to all spaces in the home.