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The material that becomes decoration, the texture of the wood that is enhanced by the design of man and the processing technologies, the exclusivity of nature that meets the compositional strictness of the form. In the new boxed top Tarsia the essence of geometry and the purity of the volumes is enhanced by the "pointed" motif that characterizes the surface. Made of Rovere Thermo, the top can transfer a contemporary image through a classic process, defining a sophisticated texture as the background to the countertop basin, rebalancing a hierarchical relationship that has always seen the top as a mere functional instrument of support.

In this project, research on materials and surfaces finds the full expression with a proposal that gives identity and personality to the bathroom environment. Perfect for any type of sink, the Tarsia top confirms the tailor-made approach that is in the DNA of the company, both in terms of the compositions possible with the sink, and in terms of size. Available in different lengths from 54 to 300 cm, and in three depths 40,47 and 54 cm. The total height is 8 cm.

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  • Rovere Thermo Spigato