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Isy22 is the new collection of taps designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic Isy with a unique, essential, innovative and cutting-edge new system, enriched by unexpected contemporary finishes. Isy was a revolution for the bathroom world, being an original system that spoke the language of simplicity, thanks to its formal immediacy and modularity, transforming traditional technical design methods into something fresh.

In 2000, Zucchetti asked Thun and Rodriguez to design not a new tap, but an entire system; not an exercise in design, but a new understanding of how to control the flow of water, inspired by water itself. The studio immediately worked on two concepts: the removal of all that is superfluous, and modularity. The Isy system was the result of subtracting the unnecessary, to get straight to the essence of water, tracing its plasticity. Its lightweight, essential design was a technological innovation that influenced subsequent products for the bathroom, repositioning the technical components within the basin instead of the tap. An absolute pioneer for its innovative technical features, Isy marked a momentous change thanks in part to the system’s state-of-the-art modularity, capable of responding to market preferences while being simpler to produce for the company. That single round base has given rise to all the water spout solutions and all the control functions.

After nearly 20 years, Thun and Rodriguez have redesigned the iconic Isy collection, resulting in Isy22, Embracing the unmistakable DNA of the first collection, it comes in an updated guise to meet contemporary needs. Having grown in size and character, Isy22 remains true to the inspiration of the original design, to what made it unique in the world of bathrooms: an essential shape that follows the natural flow of water.

An essential, iconic design with increasingly sophisticated lines and shapes. Isy22 is a versatile water control system consisting of four product families: the single-lever mixer, the progressive mixer, and the classic two-handle version with levers or with knobs. Each collection is characterised by special finishes in addition to the standard ones. An unusual, intense and vibrant Mediterranean blue enhances the single-lever mixer and the two handle series with levers. The progressive mixer features a few bold two-tone designs in playful, bright colours. In the two handle version with circular knobs, resplendent marble in different exquisite shades was chosen as the material, diversifying a product aimed at a more sophisticated world. Completing the new product range is the ‘no-touch’ electronic tap, which meets the needs of contemporary lifestyles.

Isy22 is bigger than Isy*: the spouts have a diameter of 22 mm, making it a product that is also perfect for the contract world. Isy22 is an extremely versatile and cross-cutting design; its unmistakable character makes it an icon of yesterday, today and tomorrow.