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Novowood Composite Decking: Novowood is a new wood composite material for flooring in WPC with 70% of natural fibers and 30% of polymers. Novowood is the commercial name of a new material composed by natural fibers, polymers and additives.

The Ferrara University Research: The composite Novowood is the result of research and experimentation, in collaboration with the Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Ferrara, achieving excellent dimensional stability, resistance to aging, to atmospheric and marine micro-organisms, fungus and insects, respecting high safety standards. The formula of the compound is innovative and is copyrighted.

Features: This material has all the features of wood but not the defects. It is esthetically similar to wood, but it can be created in different shapes and colors, thanks to a complex extrusion process. Indoor it creates a warm atmosphere but also the advantages of a not completely natural material.

Novowood is a flexible and environmentally-friendly alternative to natural wood, to create floorings, deckings, windows, skirting boards, tiles and other applications in either solid or hollow profiles.

Ecology: At the end of its life cycle, or at any time, Novowood and its products can be crushed and extruded again. This operation can be repeated up to 20 times with no need of adding other components and with no alteration of the physical - mechanical features.

The product is 100% recyclable. For these reasons Novowood participated in and stood in first place as "Environment Friendly Innovation 2010”.