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A new shape, one that the collection lacked and that completes the series enlarging the possibilities. The oval countertop sink of the Borghi series is made entirely of Cristalmood. The material gives its volume a brilliant and contemporary image, seemingly even "lighter" from the suspended effect generated by the narrow base which allows it to "float" in space. Thus, precious jewels are born, rich in reflections and accents of light, elements that characterize the environment, capable of dialogue with the best of the essential and minimal lines of antoniolupi tops and furniture to integrate with elegance and taste in different style contexts.

New colors are added today to the already very rich color offer of Cristalmood, ready to dictate a trend and to trigger new comparisons. Mostat, Barrique, Vespero and Notturno, embellish the pure form, thin edges and pure aesthetics of the sink Borghi, giving personality and exclusivity to the proposal.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 17,5cm
Color Options

  • Notturno

  • Bottiglia

  • Nebbia

  • Barrique

  • Gran Cru

  • Ocra

  • Fume

  • Ginger

  • Ceruleo

  • Oleo

  • Mostato

  • Vespero