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Norr 2.0

The iconic texture inspired by Ceppo di Gré stone, with an attractively irregular pattern in “ton sur ton” shades of grey, gains a new version with a thicker grain and a striking material component. A micro effect for a highly appealing mood, offering some superb ideas to bring a sophisticated, personal touch to every setting.

With a structured range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, Norr 2.0 offers endless applications for floors, walls and interior design solutions, in both public and residential settings. This versatility allows the collection to engage with both indoor and outdoor style, shaping a global project with extraordinary visual, aesthetic and functional continuity.

Color Options

  • Vit Fine RR11

  • Gra Fine RR12

  • Svart Fine RR13

  • Melk Fine RR14

  • Farge Fine RR15

  • Vit RR01

  • Gra RR02

  • Svart RR03

  • Melk RR04

  • Farge RR05